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Tsukikane : Don't Trash Talk Tsukiyama by natersal
Tsukikane : Don't Trash Talk Tsukiyama
Possessive Kaneki to the rescue against Tsukiyama haters(bullies)!

Ah, but I bully Tsukiyama too so please don't get mad Kaneki!
(We call him trash as an endearment!)

Shuuneki : Caught by natersal
Shuuneki : Caught
Hinami is all for Kaneki's happiness so she most definitely approves of flower man making her onii-chan happy.

Because it is too weird if people in the house DOES NOT KNOW something is going on between them. Like, they're ghouls. They have good sense of smell. They can probably smell Tsukiyama on Kaneki a lot and it's so strong that you can't get someone's smell stuck with you like that from sparring ALONE.
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot :  XII THE Hanged Man by natersal
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot : XII THE Hanged Man
I was doing the Tokyo Ghoul Week prompts... but then for today it was supposed to be either the Lovers or the Hierophant cards. And what came into mind was Amon and Akira or Nishiki and the gf(Lovers), and Yoshimura (Hierophant) but I don't want to draw either so... You get Kaneki with a huge centipede crawling all over him, going in his mouth and out his eye. 

This was supposed to be for the Demon Tarot card but became a hanged man instead.

(I'll probably continue drawing the Major Arcana for Tokyo Ghoul characters. It's fun!)

Oh and I intentionally reversed it. So it's a reversed Hanged Man cause it looks weird upright.
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot :  XVIII THE MOON by natersal
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot : XVIII THE MOON
I love this gourmet bastard so much!


Tokyo Ghoul Week: Day 2

The Moon

When I think about the moon card, Tsukiyama comes into mind. I mean, Tsukiyama roughly means(moon) (mountain) and he is a Pisces as well, which is the astrological sign for this card.  Even his ghoul mask is a crescent moon!


Tsukiyama’s character is even more perfect for the Moon card.  This card is about your inner self; hidden desires, dreams, deceit, and illusion. Tsukiyama has two faces in almost everything he does but it’s hard to tell which one is his true self. He is a complex character that Kaneki continuously doubt but rely on at the same time.  We can see how a complex character he is in ch128 when his desires, motives, emotions, and rationality is all in conflict when Kaneki was going off to fight alone. 

Tsukiyama Shuu is as mysterious as the moon. Our understanding of his emotions and motives waxes and wanes but all of it still revolves around Kaneki.    
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot: 0 The Fool by natersal
Tokyo Ghoul Tarot: 0 The Fool
Did this for Tokyo Ghoul Week in Tumblr
Instead of drawing the regular upright fool card, I decided to draw what it would look like for the reverse fool meaning.
(Normally, a tarot's meaning is reversed if it was picked upside down)

Tokyo Ghoul Week: Day 1

Reversed Fool Card


I think the real fool in the show is Rize Kamishiro.

I chose the reverse fool card because it fits Rize perfectly. Instead of unlimited possibilities, the reverse fool means disregard of consequence and being taken advantage of. Instead of looking up (for the regular fool card), she is looking down, all bloody and entrapped by the steel beams that prevent her from continuing her journey.

She lived her life with no caution; binge eating as much as she wants and because she knows she is strong, she lived with a devil may care attitude. Her life was full of potential but she disregards consequence and acts nonchalantly. Her life is perhaps more tragic than Kaneki’s because the only sane part of her, the only semblance of her former self is left within Kaneki and is no longer in her current body.

Kaneki is not the cause of her downfall but just the start of it. When she tried to eat him, she was almost killed by a member of the Pierrot. Since then, she was then farmed for her ghoul organs by Dr. Kanou and now live as a deranged ghoul with only a stomach, showing no shadow of the smart and literature loving young lady Kaneki fell in love with. 

Rize is definitely a fool. Not one to be laughed at, but to be pitied and mourned alive. 


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Meeerleee Featured By Owner 1 day ago
natersal Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I was surprised because I thought I watched you like a thousand years ago!
Now everything is right and beautiful in the universe!
Except... if Tsukiyama is Torso and they will kill him. 
Rueby Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

This song by coldplay....gave me Shuuneki feels why??? It's abit of Shuu's POV??? I'M SO DONE WITH THIS MENTAL IMAGE IT HURTS.

"I wanna die in your arms"
"I gonna give you my heart"
"I don't care, go on and tear me apart"

Ah hold me, I can't, it's like all this song is just--
natersal Featured By Owner 1 day ago
AH I LOVE THAT SONG! Never thought about Shuuneki at first because it gave me a happy feel but when i read the lyrics, the tremolos struck me in the kokoro.…;
You probably heard of this song before but listen to it. It is Shuu singing that he would give up forever to touch Kaneki. And that Kaneki is the closest to heaven he can ever be, and all he can taste was that moment and all he can breathe is his life ASDFGHJKL ah GAAAHHHH GAHHHH GAHHHHHH
GAHHHH And he doesn't want the world to see him because the world will not UNDERSTAND. 

AND HE JUST WANTS KANEKI TO KNOW WHO HE IS! Because Haise forgot about him. 
Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Imagine an AU where Kaneki saves Shuu. Or the other way around, and Shuu starts seeing people's numbers, and then since he never saw Kaneki, he encounters him another time to 'save' him.

Hmm I don't know who'd save who first tho.
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
I really like that music video!

Though seeing the numbers thing on top of their heads reminds me of shinigami eyes in Death note and you have to trade half of your life for you to have the ability. 

I am a sucker for chance meetings and eventually finding out that you two have met each other before. Uhhh---

I can totally imagine Shuu truing to look for Kaneki on the street like grabbing random people. 
Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, yeah when I first watched it I kinda thought the same, speaking of death note, that shit got spoiled for me when I was at ep 18 haha but I already have an OTP there that's not L and Light. Can you guess?

Ah boy, now I provided an amazing idea. I bet Shuu would spend sleepless nights trying to figure out that 'ghost' that saved him. Maybe he caught a glimpse of Kaneki before he disappeared into the crowd without a trace.

Then yes Shuu would try to chase after him but will turn up empty handed.

Honestly I think in like two years for Kaneki he'd grow taller. (I still refuse that 11cm difference) Or at least close the gap in height hah- and maybe he'd like stop looking like jailbait too.
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
I watched deathnote on dvd and it was a marathon so I felt the full shock effect. I will probably have to stay away social media sites for me to really get shocked. I mean, there's a manga for an anime. Anime's don't shock me as much but then that Tokyo ghoul manga just kind a ripped my heart like. THERE YOU GO. AN EFFING ENDING where the main character is DEAD or his status is unknown. Have fun with it!

Just seeing Shuu sleeping on a bed longing for Kaneki just gives me the dokis. He will probabaly have a dream or nightmare where he is chasing after Kaneki but don't get to see him. 


Adult Kaneki YAY! That would be so delicious to have women eyeing Tsukiyama and Kaneki. But then Tsukiyama sometimes get jealous because ladies stray their eye on kaneki's abs. Like  literally stare at it like hungry beasts and tsukiyama will get jealous---or proud that Kaneki is AAAALLL HIS. 
(1 Reply)
Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm actually lets just go with Kaneki saving Shuu since it kinda is. . . Have fun with your feels.

"All I need is you, (come please I'm calling)"

This song is so Shuuneki.

"And I'll leave this life behind me"

The spam is strong.
Meeerleee Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
omfg your gallery is full of tsukikanee e
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