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Tsukikane: Scarves by natersal
Tsukikane: Scarves
I just love couples that have lots of angst and bad romance between them. Ughhh. 
And because this series is just full of pain, angst, and sorrow, I feel the need to draw more ooc fluff just because. 

I cannot wait for Tsukikane week in tumblr. 
Tsukikane : Pajama by natersal
Tsukikane : Pajama
MORE SHUUNEKi or Tsukikane... I don't know what to call them now. Tsukikane is the logical pairing name but then shuuneki got stuck in my head because its punny. (shoe - nike) // OTL

I've read lots of Shuuneki fanfics in and ao3 about them just snuggling in bed. SO CUTE especially when Tsukiyama does something Kaneki doesn't like.

They are OOC here but the canonverse is full of angst already and I think a little snuggle scene in pajamas with bedhead tsukiyama aint so bad. Regular shiro Kaneki would probably have threatened Tsukiyama at least 3 times by now and have stabbed him multiple times with his intense stare. Oh the bad romance with these two are strong.

I love how this pairing can be cute and fluffy---> and then become perverted, twisted, and disgusting ----> and then turn into a desperate longing obsession full of devotion. They just complement each other.  UGHHHH
Stupid Superhero Tsukikane AU by natersal
Stupid Superhero Tsukikane AU
errr Happy Halloween?

These were separate drawings I decided to color and was born from a stupid idea where Tsukiyama Shuu is Moon Man (kinda like Bruce Wayne= Batman cause he's filthy rich and owns Tsukiyama Enterprise) and Kaneki ken is the Kentipede boy wonder (or could be clark KENt).

I need help.
Tsukikane : Don't Trash Talk Tsukiyama by natersal
Tsukikane : Don't Trash Talk Tsukiyama
Possessive Kaneki to the rescue against Tsukiyama haters(bullies)!

Ah, but I bully Tsukiyama too so please don't get mad Kaneki!
(We call him trash as an endearment!)


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Meeerleee Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
I was surprised because I thought I watched you like a thousand years ago!
Now everything is right and beautiful in the universe!
Except... if Tsukiyama is Torso and they will kill him. 
Meeerleee Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
No p e
i don't think Tsukiyama is Torno, no *^*
i believe he is somewhere, now... and he is... u h
natersal Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
That's for sure!
Ishida will not kill Tsukiyama because half of the fandom will revolt!
Tsukiyama is probably one of those bishounens with a tragic heartbroken past now. 
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Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

This song by coldplay....gave me Shuuneki feels why??? It's abit of Shuu's POV??? I'M SO DONE WITH THIS MENTAL IMAGE IT HURTS.

"I wanna die in your arms"
"I gonna give you my heart"
"I don't care, go on and tear me apart"

Ah hold me, I can't, it's like all this song is just--
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
AH I LOVE THAT SONG! Never thought about Shuuneki at first because it gave me a happy feel but when i read the lyrics, the tremolos struck me in the kokoro.…;
You probably heard of this song before but listen to it. It is Shuu singing that he would give up forever to touch Kaneki. And that Kaneki is the closest to heaven he can ever be, and all he can taste was that moment and all he can breathe is his life ASDFGHJKL ah GAAAHHHH GAHHHH GAHHHHHH
GAHHHH And he doesn't want the world to see him because the world will not UNDERSTAND. 

AND HE JUST WANTS KANEKI TO KNOW WHO HE IS! Because Haise forgot about him. 
Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WELP- I was making pancakes and you know, I had itunes radio on, because nothing's better than making pancakes while listening to music. . . Then that song came on, at first the beginning was interesting, then I caught some lyrics. . . then I looked it up (all while making pancakes) then I was struck by shuuneki feels. Almost as if Kaneki were to fade away in Shuu's arms and Shuu's little wish of just wanting to die in Ken's arms. I'm just. Not okay.

Hmmm I didn't...but omg that reminded me of a song I used to like before.…

Like neither of them want to die- ugh god. Heaven can wait alright.

I'M NEVER GONNA STOP SHIPPING THEM! I see people shipping HideKane and I just cringe. . . same with Kaneki and Arima ships I just fail to comprehend. I can't like any of them. God, not even tolerate any ship other than Shuuneki. Well I ship other ships like Arima x Amon or Arima x Fura. But not as much as shuuneki.

-curls up- My feels. . . . Q_Q
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
Ahhh yes, I feel the emocean ebbing and flowing! This---this feeling where every sad song, love song or whatever I see in real life reminds me of this damn ship. I think this is reaaaaaallly a bad sign. It's so weird they're even in my dreams multiple times even when I'm doing homework and read a certain article my head sometimes connect it to them. 
:iconimveryseriousplz::iconsaysplz: Son, this is serious.
Since Hide is hiding in tg:re I am not that worried about him. Tsukiyama appearing in tg:re is perhaps the most important thing (that or probably next to Haise becoming shiro!Kaneki badass I guess).

WHAT IF HIDE IS A PART OF PIERROT. OHMFG. That's like no he's human I don't know but give me a reason to hate him yes? I don't especially hate Hide but don't get in the way of SHUUNEKI.
Oh yeah Arima x Fura makes sense. Yes I have to agree on them. 
Rueby Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Imagine an AU where Kaneki saves Shuu. Or the other way around, and Shuu starts seeing people's numbers, and then since he never saw Kaneki, he encounters him another time to 'save' him.

Hmm I don't know who'd save who first tho.
natersal Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
I really like that music video!

Though seeing the numbers thing on top of their heads reminds me of shinigami eyes in Death note and you have to trade half of your life for you to have the ability. 

I am a sucker for chance meetings and eventually finding out that you two have met each other before. Uhhh---

I can totally imagine Shuu truing to look for Kaneki on the street like grabbing random people. 
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